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Basketball love

I slowly walk in and saw you sitting there. I wish I could just grab you by your tuff brown skin and hold you close to my chest. We're in this gym all alone with no one to disturb our groove so we eye each other like animals prepared for battle. I drop my arms you bounce back against my wet hands as I turn and rub against your ruff skin hoping to be lifted off the ground I turn in a circle as I gently let go. Slammed dunk baby ! I fall back down to the floor. I've been waiting for years to have this moment and it was the greatest moment I ever had. - Heartfelt1
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Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
I wrote this poem because as a young woman I love and played the game. I always tried to dunk but never could get off the ground I only grew to be 5"11. Lol

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