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When The Reaper Comes For You

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What is that I see out of the corner of my eye
Dressed in black and a scythe he was carrying
Could this be? I dared not think, the one they called the Reaper
And if it was did he pick me or was he just passing

I could feel the sweat run down my back as fear gripped tightly
Was much too young to leave this world, the great beyond be seeing
But there he stood so quietly, not a word from him was spoken
Ever so slowly his head did turn, his blazing eyes bored through me

I must admit that by this time I was shaking rather badly
This was made so much worse when slowly he glided towards me
As he lifted his arm the sleeve fell back, a bony finger pointed
'Thomas Roberts,' from beneath the hood spoke deathly voice, 'it is time'

My knees trembled, my heart throbbed and tears ran down my face
'Is there nothing I can do to gain more time?' I begged unashamedly
Last thing I heard as life fled me was a hollow booming laugh
'When I come, your time is up, no bargains shall we strike.'
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
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I like the different depictions of death in movies and tv. The ghost of christmas past from Scrooge, Homer Simpson killing death and then becoming death himself in Treehouse of Horror, death in two twilight zone episodes, one with a salesman trading his death for the life of a little girl, and death calling on an old lonely woman. Death is feared I believe because we really do not know what is on the other side of the curtain, heaven, hell, limbo, sleep, nothing? If we really knew there would be no fear of death, and we could spend our time our nobler pursuits, instead of wasting our money on religious manipulators.angel angel2 happy place
Who knows who's next on the Repear's list? Not I, not I! Awesome piece Steve, thank you for this! I guess this confirms more the fact of living life here and now...for tomorrow might never come. The tsunami that hit Samoa in 2009 made me realise this. I was scheduled to be there in September (the week when the Tsunami hit the island). In late April my friend from Germany convinced me to meet them in Perth in May and then Samoa. I went to Samoa 2 months earlier than I've originally planned. If my friend did not ask me to go earlier, I would have been one of those wiped out from Lalomanu. The place I was booked at was wiped out. Back in Auckland on that tragic day, it made me appreciate how fleeting life really is! I since then try to live each day in a way that if I die tomorrow (if the Reaper comes to get me) I have no regrets. Cheers mate!cheers teddybear
How true mcradloff ... there are so many depictions of Death on TV and the movies that we are left confused ... maybe Death is really a female with the appearance of an angel ... now that would be a new twist grin
Yes orientalkoru we never know if there is a tomorrow for us ... wow you sure had a narrow escape ... sometimes sets of circumstances combine either for the better or the worse ... glad that you are still around and enjoying life

bouquet teddybear bouquet
Funny steve thats how I see in my poem "deaths sweet embrace"...enjoyed reading this one..props
the well written visuals make for easy reading. :)
The thought of death is the great equalizer. There is no safety in one to vouch for us on that day. Strangest thing of all is that millions if not billions will gamble with their destiny as if there were a second chance or as if it was just another toss of the dice at some Vegas crap table. Something to ponder.professor help angel
Thanks for your comment madtat29

Thanks akpauly

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