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Heavenly father

Is there anybody out there?
I hear you say,
is he old and wise?
or made of clay.
Is he black or white?
or all the colours of the world.
Does he speak a different language?
when his message should be heard.
All these questions, life's mysteries
have disillusioned so many,
but my simple perceptions
fill my heart aplenty.
So great are the mountains
so infinite the sea
so tender new born life
from these in him I see.
So celebrated is beauty
so elevated is love,
these monents of joy
are gifts from above.
But sometimes life's journey
gets burdened with pain,
suffering and sorrow
to see loved ones again.
But through these emotions
that cut like a knife
we draw closer to his presence
to ease such strife.
As we lift our hands
in heavenly prayer
to seek inspiration
from that special somewhere.
You're our heavenly father,
we're your children,your flock,
guide us safely on our voyage
our beacon on the rock.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
Contemplating the many images of God.

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