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Why did you walk away from me
Didn't you see, that we were supposed to be
Together, forever I thought
But it was just a story I'd bought
From a book store down on East Main
And you were so beautiful
I thought you could be the one
So our life began
And you began to show me everything
About your soul
And as the time had passed
I thought we would last
But then one cold night
You turned to me and said
Get the hell out of here
It's not what I wanted to hear
But I saw that look in your eyes
As you were starting to cry
You said things had changed
That you just didn't feel the same
I didn't know what to say
Your words cut me in every way
So I said baby please
Would you explain this to me
How did we get to this point
What made you come to this
Was it something I said
Or maybe something I should have did
But you shook your head and cried
And said that everytime you told me
You loved me, it was just a lie
Those words tore a hole in my pride
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012

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Comments (6)

Heart wrenching write...although sad I enjoyed this read. Thanks for sharing dementiaapplause conversing handshake crying
Thanks cherry. Appreciate the comment
blues when i read your poems and wonder if i am going to have to go through these exsperiences because im just not strong enough to. uh oh

Lorii purple heart
I hope you never have to Lorii. Wish you all the luck and love this world has to offer you.
applauseWell done,hurt brings out the best in one,thankfully such lessons makes us stronger to face up to future comittments wine cool M.M
I agree Poet. Makes you realize what you want in life
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