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Clutter, clutter end to end
There's no way I can defend.
These piles of clutter
Causing my heart to flutter
Never been the tidy type
I think it is a lot of hype.
There is too much life to live to clean
Martha Stewart is just not my scene.
Overstuffed drawers of bits and pieces
Started to organize avoidance increases.
Shelves of books unread
As useful as white bread.
In the bedroom the bed remains unmade
On the kitchen table lay bills unpaid.
Yesterday’s dishes abandoned in the sink
Seems the whole world is out of sync.
The stacks of papers on the desk
Tell me about it, I know it’s grotesque.
Heaps of clothes to be ironed tossed in a pile
Come on I’ll get to it in a while.
Yet all around the house I hear the cries
To me this is no surprise.
The trouble is I never know where to start first
So while I think about it, I’ll quench my thirst.
Let me put on a cup of tea
What I really want to do is flee.
Stuff, stuff everywhere
I'll tidy up tomorrow I declare.
A place for everything and everything in its place
I can’t read this proverb and keep a straight face.
Life is messy so it’s no wonder that
I’m a major pack rat.
Collecting, hording, holding on to stuff
Letting go of memories and souvenirs is tough.
Inside out and outside in I just don’t know where to begin.
Come on being messy is not a sin.
Cleanliness is next to godliness they say
So will I be punished on judgement day?

By Carol Vialogos May 29, 2012
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
What can I say I live in a small place with not much storage but that is not really the issue is it? I think most of us can relate to this poem I wrote after talking to a friend about clutter and looking around my apartment and seeing piles here and there. :-)

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Hi, smallworlds,
There is too much life to live to clean... Some people can live comfortably with clutter, while others cannot. Hoarding, however, takes everything to another level and usually gets in the way of living. Your clever poem puts CLUTTER in its place. Enjoyed! Now, about those unpaid bills...
Hi smallworld

Here in England we have a domestic cleaning company by the name of Molly Maid that employs people to clean other peoples houses. I will be surprised if they don't have similar companies in Greece - maybe you could check out Yellow Pages.

Looking around my place, I should probably hire them myself... uh oh A nice write that I'm sure others will relate to.


Bill gift wine
Hi small world so true!!!! Really enjoyed reading this poem. I'm guilty of clutter, sometimes it's so hard to let go of material possessions, memories even the simplest thing is a challenge. I'm trying to donate things I no longer use but it's not ez letting go..thanks for your creative write!!! Appreciate ithandshake hug cheers peace
I have a friend who used to work as an apartment cleaner and handy man. He would find all sorts of left stuff from people who couldn't pay their rent and were forced out. I have a Mario Bros. game for my Nintendo DS from one of his clean outs. He did aquire quite a lot of useless junk, but stuff that could be sold one day to make money. He is in sales now, so the pile is much smaller.uh oh teddybear
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