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Marking Off, I LOVE YOU

Marking off, I LOVE YOU

I--- Imagine when you no longer think of ME but you begin to think of US, WE, BOTH starts the metamorphous.

L--- Long lingering kisses and returning for one last kiss before you go off to your home by your self can seem as infatuation.

O--- Ordering for two and realizing that it is just you this night and forgetting that you are still single not a couple.

V--- Volunteering for simple duties to help the person you care about so much that you begin to enjoy the simple things you can say or do to make them smile.

E--- Excitement of hearing their voice, seeing their picture, or simply seeing that person walk up to meet you gives you the sense of joy and happiness with a smile on your face.

Y--- You no longer signify the image of yourself but that someone special who you can’t seem to get out of your head and heart.

O--- Over and over you say the name and it begins to feel like a long lost friend that has no beginning or no end, but a completeness that jumps up out of nowhere.

U--- Usually catches you off guard when you come to realize, that when you are not with that other person you spend more time thinking of them than enjoying being alone.
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Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
I used the type that marked through the text and it was cute... but the test does not match here on the site.. a funny simple poem... The visual of marking off each one was better.. Oh well

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Still worth a read if not marking off ...We love you too! cheers
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