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A lot of people have gone to university to study accounting, when God has given them great ability to use their hands to fix hairs, design clothing, paint world-pictures e.t.c
A lot have gone to study medicine when God has given them great voice to sing and figures to play instruments.
Destiny is greater than Education
Destiny is an end while education is a means to end. I am not saying education is bad, but has always been most functional to discover the gift of God develop it with education
Don't let your parents push you into Phy Chem Bio when your passion is Fine Arts.
Don't be cajoled by the glamour of accounting when you can creat a better glaour tomorrow with what you can do with your hands.
There is no way you discover your destiny and still wallow in poverty or remain in a failure.
To know your gifts makes life easy. It's like been paid for eating good food in a good restaurant.
what about a woman who enjoys dancing and raising her voice in a studio or on stage, and at the end of the day becomes a star with millions in her bank account!
The happier people on earth are the people who make their living from their hobbies.
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Posted: Jul 2012
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agree. we own our choices.
thumbs up Thank You for sharing your views.wave
So true....write happiness is our destiny!!! That's far more important than how much we make our social status or where we are from!!!applause applause thumbs up
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