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Count Draco Vallejo

It's almost dawn, time for me to return
Don't want to be caught out in sunshine
The hunting tonight was rather good
I even bagged a young tasty virgin

I have to be careful what blood I drink
Much too much is drug tainted
And virgins, well, they are so rare
You have more luck with hen's teeth

Now in the old country, that was fine
There were virgins there aplenty
The hunting good every night
Cause the peasants meek and fearful

Terror I struck in every heart
None dared stand against me
Behind their doors they cowered at night
So easy for me to find them

Everything changed when someone called
That damned vampire hunter, Van Helsing
A man renowned for hunting us down
His aim, my people to eradicate

In dead of night I moved my bed
A beautiful mahogany coffin
Took it down and put it aboard
A ship bound for Australia

Great care I took aboard this ship
Could not let them see me
Hunger grew as the nights passed
I knew I soon needed feeding

Carefully I ventured out
On a cold, dark, moonless night
A sailor at the stern I found
His blood was hot and sweet

I threw the body overboard
So none would know the truth
Left empty bottle of rum on deck
To give them false impression

As I hoped the found the scene
Ans assumed that he was drunk
In his stupor made mistake
And over the side he fell

I dared not play that game again
Had to live with my hunger
But was not long, journey's end
Our arrival in Sydney Town

There's places old with windy streets
And shadows there for hiding
Here I feel quite at home
Most nights the hunting is easy

I can see the faintest rays
Dawn is near approaching
Down I go to where I reside
Again I'll sleep in my coffin
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012

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Comments (6)

Not to worry...I always wear a crucifix when drinking rum. cheers
Ah what devilish tale my friend of evil so pure and richly told!
Take a bow...applause cheers
Beautiful tale Steve,its like reading a movie script.Well done friend.M.M
What a cool write stevecool Thanks for sharing.handshake thumbs up devil
I think Drac might be a pretty cool dude after all Steve. I think I'll build a coffin tonight..professor grin thumbs up
Thank you SundaySilence but I am immune to crucifixes grin

Glad you liked my tale morgen90210 cool

Thank you Mustapha my friend cheers

Thanks for reading cherryreggae bouquet

Hope your coffin turns out comfy cafetwo2010 devil
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