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Feeling deep inside ourselves
desire to reach the place of our childdays.
Little memory only secured by elders tales.
Hearing them repeating the old stories
makes us conscious our early life-time.

Remembrance for those who passed away
Time took them, but not our reverence
Our grand-parents who saw another time
and praised our future, for not bearing wars and hunger
Small was our understanding for great changes that time.

They brought us up, gave us shelter, prepared us for life
Our parents who suffered more from what we did to them,
as we could give them back for their absolute love.
Sometimes it was hard to accept rules and to show respect,
but as soon as were grown up, we confessed our failures.

Life around seems to promise us more, and we forget,
but as soon as we feel alone and look for shelter
the memory of childhood is present and demands us.
To feel deep inside ourselves - as it´s our nature
the desire to create the place of child´s days again.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
Doing a search on internets picture-base with keyword "family" to find some ideas for photography I could copy.

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Bitte schon und guten tag !
Hope my german ok?
Well you brought many a memory to me and some here too ! Welcome to poet's corner my friend ..hope to hear more from you .peace
Thanks a lot. You know in this I am absolute beginner. Maybe I am a good pen-paler - who knows, but writing in poet´s corner is completely new to me. After reading some blogs, I got the impression, that many people have something to say, only they don´t consider well if it´s interesting to others. Sometimes it even may ruin their "career" on CS. laugh
In general I don´t want to judge, I just put my ideas on paper and don´t want to force people to adopt my ideas. If anybody enjoys - well I´m happy. Need to read your poems too, as I still have a lot to learn. blushing
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