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As time goes by,
I stop and stare
these walls I build,
are walls of air.

I stood alone,
and all Id see
were walls of air,
that comfort me.

No one knew,
the pain inside
the masks I wore,
were meant to hide.

My heart grew cold,
as years went by
and couldnt face,
the reasons why.

I lived in shame,
and filled with fear
let none get close,
or get too near.

This caused them pain,
they had to bear
yet in my heart,
I could not care.

As time goes by,
I came to see
the one I hurt,
was not just me.

I sat behind those walls I built,
so cold and all alone
I knew I had to change myself,
for I was on my own.

Haunted by my misery,
with no one left to blame
for what I hid inside myself,
was nothing more then shame.

Soon I came to realize,
theres so much work to do
I had to look inside myself,
to find the "me" thats true.

Years of work pass by me,
I know the reasons why
I love the man I am today
as precious time goes by.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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