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Lick your lips - taste my emotional distress
Lies to cover up emotional excess
Perspective is just sanity - filter out reality
Forward don't look back. DIRECTION REFLECTION
Healing fires burn away impure thoughts weigh you down
I try to take a look around the time you find
It's a state of MIND THE EDGE and point me
somewhere else
Words of wisdom. Action stealthy movements in the
DARKNESS melts to crisp shadows that speak of wealth
A dollar for a dancer GREEN and evil thoughts and love
UNSEEN too close for bigger picture Be a good model
for those in need will surely cry out WOLF and we
when rush to help no longer see
A danger but a ship at sea tormented tossed out of
My ELEMENT BED, to bed darkness sleep oh words
of pain ring true and last and this mother send me fast
Toil boil loathsome soil keep me fresh Bury in foil
No one will read or understand
our kids will not survive as planned
We poison Tree and Air and Stone
and figure that we're not alone
to bed to sleep in darkness
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
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the best ever flowing stream of consciousness here
cheering cheering cheering cheering cheering cheering
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