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All Alone

I have nobody
I am somebody
I have the heart of desire
love to live I hate to live alone
My life is empty or is it full
I wander around no place to go
or a place of my destiny
Road is dark only lit up by the moons brite
or is the stars light brite enough to guide me
Hear the wind howl trees swaying
as my truck rolls by
I come to dead end
is this the farthest I go
Bridge is out road is closed
hit my brakes
my life is at its end
the road ends the journey begins
off to the right I drive
turning on a dirt road
where will it lead
Moon lite is all I have
Kicking up dust
I leave behind
My life continues on
a dirt bumpy road
but I live on all alone
traveling down the unknown
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
one of my favorite pieces. had to repost this also an older poem I wrote.

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Comments (26)

Ahprofessor i now see why this one is one of your favorites,this is a class writeapplauseYou had me from me from start to finish.Love this one Mike and i reckon this one is among the charms of your published pieces...cheers friendcheers M.M
Awesome poem Mike. Makes me reflect on my own life. I can relate to this poem very much. Thank you for posting it.
Us guys know all about this one Kick..Great professor
Hello Mr. Poet

You are right this is one of what I do consider my most prized as this was written early in my beginnings as a writer. I do go back and read and re read this as it runs deep in my vains.
I am pleased you agree and see this as I do..


You are welcome! Man, I think this can relate to more of us then we know. I am glad you found a liking into one of my most cherished pieces that I hold close.
Thank You Cafe!!

we certainly do!. I tell ya. I am sure some woman out here can also. cheers

Love this poem kick...makes you just think.about everything . Thanks for posting enjoyed this readapplause thumbs up handshake
Hi Kickit wave
yep.. can relate to this great poem..and agree with poet, can see why its your favourite, gald you re-posted this ..
may you always have a clear road ahead wine
Hi Kickit,

Well I must have missed it the first time, so I'm glad you resurrected it. An apt metaphor for life's trials and tribulations. cheers
thumbs up i do know and understand as well my dear cos our life leads to nowhere,,so keep we all keep going,live our life as we do now,we move on till we find the right one we call it our own home,in the arms of someone we do belong,,applause wine

this is an amazing beautiful peice from thee sir,,thanks for sharing,i love the readcheers angel teddybear
Hello Cherry

To ponder on life, the road we are on, does give us pause if we are on the right one or not. glad you enjoyed my poem, Thank You.

Hi LadyMorgana

I have belief sometime in my life the dust will settle I will finally be on a clear smooth road one day. Thank You for stopping in and reading, glad you like my poem.

Hey Macduff

Good seeing your mug on my piece again, Well this piece was originally posted long long ago, think most people forgot about it. I am glad you like my poem.

Hi Jeddah

It certainly is lovely seeing you here. Glad you stopped in. As hard as it is to continue each day with out that someone, we still must keep traveling down that dusty dirty road until we find the pavement again. I knew there would be many woman as well that could relate to this piece, you are proof of this. Thank you for liking my poem, dear. Wish you as well a great great smooth road ahead. where the destination is clear.

Great kick and score! A prefect poem that many can relate inclu me!
It's like looking in the mirror !
Thanks for reposting it and sorry For late comment ,kind of miss it along the way... peace cheers
Great metaphor...I've missed this one so thanks for re-posting it my friend...
even if its not welcomed just want to wave
told you all thanks for listening you are so kind!
teddybear bouquet bouquet peace head banger banana angel wave
told you all thanks for listening you are so kind!
teddybear bouquet bouquet peace head banger banana angel wave
No wonder why it is one of your favourite ones. Very nice kickit teddybear
Mike, I have visited your Dark Road many times.
So lonely is the darknest of the night,
There is no stars, it is not bright!
I am lonely in the crowd
and can relate to your poem.

Well done!
Nice poem, I think we all get this feeling sometimes. thumbs up
Hi kickit

I can relate to your poem on many levels...
Thank you for your thoughts,enjoyed reading wave
'I have nobody
I am somebody'

.. an entrance that so effortlessly leads the reader into the poignancy of your write.

The entire piece is both somber and stirring. Sometimes I don't know how we find our way either, but we do teddybear
Best poetry is created when one is feeling sad.
I love this. Hats off to my long time friend.
Sir Kickit of the royal castle.
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