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Reception of a flower

It´s not the treasures of the world
which invoken my longing
Far from selfish greed, I write these words
about seeing the one, my flower in her grace

I am not dreaming, or sleeping aswell
understanding, my life was a slumber for years.
Sharpen the senses, give the abstract a body,
Conflict between passion and praise

The sweet ordeur of youth surrounds it
the soft light of morning shines upon
the taste of a new season unfolds
its fine lining from unfullfilled embrace

Protecting the most valuable
the memory of every single moment
exploring insatiable the deepest empathy
for the few moments in this glaze
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
dedicated to my poet-princess,
- inspired by NOVALIS (1772 - 1801)

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Beautiful poem enjoyed readingteddybear
heart1 thanks. you know, sometimes our dreams come true!
orientalkoruonline today!
I am not dreaming, or sleeping as well
understanding, my life was a slumber for years.
Sharpen the senses, give the abstract a body,
Conflict between passion and praise

This is something many can relate to. A beautiful poem my friend..bouquet
words can give magical visions.....beautiful
Poem is like a bouquet of flowers for me. It may be used for different occasions and gives the moment something important. gift
conversing Sorry to ask but what did you mean by 'in this glaze'? I really liked the rest of the poem but I didn't understand what was meant by that last line. moping
blushing gleam
but i liked glaze more, as it sounds almost alike grace in first verse.
but also glaze sth- giving it a shining surface
German noun is Glanz smitten
I see, I have you now like in this gleam, as an expression of brightness, that makes sense. I like the way you expressed the waiting for love as a slumber, it's very poetic and there is an element of being almost asleep in a drowsy parlour while waiting to live fully when your true love walks through the door or into your life.
thanks for comment evanescense26 - this refelects poems best heart1
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