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Pink Vest Job

The dance floor was empty until the pink vest crew walked on
We danced to everything no matter what song
We danced with the cool guys
Watch where their hands go! (A word from the wise)
We danced with the guys who came alone
And we danced with the girls who took pictures with us with their phones
Keeping the dance floor alive was our job and we did it so well
We dragged everyone from off the walls and got them dancing to the DJ
We handed out flyers at the front persuading guys and girls to come in all night and day

As the night closed we had a dancing competition on stage
I never felt so happy
But this job comes with a lot of controversy
Bad opinions and negative views
I made £400 in one night
Doing things I’d usually do for free
Drinking a few and dancing with every lonely guy I see

Maybe the job is bad and the money has me in denial
But for my first time being a Pink vest girl it was definitely worthwhile.

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Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
Heya went out with the girls on a new job called Pink Vest job which are a bunch of girls who hand out flyers and dance with people inside the club and this job pays well i got £400 in one night O.O which to me is pretty good. i put a pic :) of myself >.< wearing the pink vest i think its quick easy money others think its vain an disgusting what do you think? O.o umm all i did for 400 is dance, drink, and hand out flyers from 5-3am but yeah i put the picture to show im fully dressed the bottoms are up to you but have to be white.

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Comments (5)

Very nice job! It would only be disgusting if the girls doing it acted as such. Wasn't there jobs like this back in the war years where girls were paid to dance with punters, nothing s*xual or anything just a way to get people into the dance hall and have fun. May I say you look so cute in your pink top! laugh
Mind yourself out there hunni.

teddybear teddybear
Yeah some people call us the fun police loolz make sure everyone happy lolz cheering Thank you so much :) honestly packed my face with makeup because its hot in there an makeup fades :) glad you dont have negative views on it my best friend said he'd never let his gf do this job O.o i honestly dont see the problem lolz confused dunno
Of course there's a problem! I'm not dancing with you...that's the problem ! And you owe me 200pounds for this review!
I say good for you! and as Ladybee mind yourself out there! eyes & clear head.
My daughter had 2 seasons out in Spain (24hr square) doing PR work and really enjoyed it, plus it paid well why not get paid for having fun..not many with jobs can say that these days.

And you look great in Pink...sadly not a colour for me..haha dancing cool
cheering Thankies :) head banger yeah its true i've asked alot of people no one had a real reason why they dont like the factors of the job lol confused
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