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Summer Fun

There's rain outside but I don't care,
I'll go outside to get fresh air.
With Gatorade inside my bottle,
I'll drink it down and go full throttle!
There's lots to do on Saturday,
No boring work, it's time to play!
We'll play lots of sports, let's go kick a ball,
Let's play through the summer, 'til the season turns fall.
On hot summer days I go for a swim,
From daybreak of morning 'til sunlight goes dim.
I love to drink beer, that's truly no doubt,
Just bring me the keg and I'll drink from the spout!
It's great to lay down in the nice cooling shade,
A feeling like this I just could not trade!
And even my dog is having his day,
Him and a poodle had a romp in the hay ;)
I hope all of you are enjoying your summer,
But if you are not then boy that's a bummer!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
It's summer now, and even though it's raining a lot it's still nice to make the most of the season!

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Hi Hershorn.. Summer over here too, like you, we have had our share of rain..thankfully the sun is working her magic.. Thanks for sharing your summer with us..enjoyed thumbs up wine
Hi there Hershorn, wave
Your dogs bit of fluff the poodle made me laugh laugh You tell a nice snippet from your summer, I envy your sunshine. My partner in the states keeps telling me the creek water is as hot as a swimming pool and the crickets are filling the air every night with their song. It all sounds so warm and lovely.
Nice poem
purple heart
Thanks lady morgana! I'm glad you enjoyed wave
Thanks lady bee! I've also heard that it's quite hot in the states as of late. They are having a drought at the moment and are praying for rain. They could certainly stand to borrow some of ours or some from the UK lol. I'm glad you enjoyed my poem dancing
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