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Please tell me,
You have seen God!
Please show me,
The proper way to God!
Please guide me,
To see thru deceptive gods,
Please teach me,
To reach Him ,my loving God!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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I wish I could Morgen, I am not a Christian though a very spiritual person .
Acceptance is key to finding all things good. hug
Thank you for sharing angel
Thank you lady morgana ...thou is the questions when miracles are rare and so many evil doers are roaming !
His is the only proper way. Seeing thru deceptive gods I guess its hard to do but it is shall see them with their fruits...

"But if from thence thou shalt seek the LORD thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul." Deut. 4:29

When a man's heart and soul is ready to accept the Holy Spirit, he will seek for Him...God Bless Danesh San!
The only sign of any god I've ever seen is in the people all around me, every one has goodness in them and this is the closest to god you may ever get. When I'm asked 'What do you believe in'? my answer is that I believe in people, I love people and believe they will always do the right thing - eventually. wink

Nice write Morgen

teddybear purple heart
Hi, morgen90210,
While each person's is unique, may the poet's journey be accompanied by Love.
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