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Tasting of dried old crumbs
voices tumbled around the drum
of my head.

Scented sweet pink posies of roses
swirling and curling my fingers
and toes.

Moulded pages of youth and age
clowns mask hide
the crying sage.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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Comments (20)

Deep in context Redex and enjoyed, much different from your style that I recall as has been awhile since I have read your poems. hug
Thanks for sharing dear lady bouquet wine
This was much different from what i had envisioned when i saw the title.I love this one Redex very lovelyvery happy happy place M.M
orientalkoruonline today!
It's not easy to describe a mixture of sentiments in just a few come up with something deep and colourful yet sad and end up with this beauty is surely a work of art and gift of words.teddybear
Hi, Redex,
...clowns mask hide the crying sage. There is much hidden behind masks; but, to envision a crying sage is true sadness. Thanks for sharing.
Lady Morgan thankyou for reading yes it has been awhile since I have found any poems spring to my penteddybear
Thankyou M.M my poem does have a sad clowns picture as I always have pictures to my poems sometimes the picture inspires and sometimes its visa vera.teddybear
Yes orient I knew what I meant but putting my feelings into wordsfrustrated they got shuffled quite a few times. Thankyou for reading.teddybear
Beautifully said Redex.....Kathycheering teddybear
gnj Yes that is just how I imagine a sage to be at this moment when man tries to mould the world instead of moulding into it.
Thankyou for readingteddybear
wave Thankyou Kathy I just hope the block is over nowhug teddybear
A very deep write with just a few words

In brief you said what you meant to convey,well written Redex.applause wine bouquet
Thankyou steve for reading and commentteddybear
peace Hi Paloma I hope my poem flow continues thankyou hope you are wellhug
Redex, your poem is 'Hawt' laugh

It's like you've taken a leap up Redex it sounds really good when read out loud 'crumbs' and 'drum' 'posies' and 'roses'
I get the more serious side to it though, I think it comes in waves maybe connected to our moods etc?
purple heart teddybear thumbs up
I'm good Redex my dear,Spring is tripping but nights are still cold,but God gives sunshine as well as cold days and rain,just like joy and also pain,its to balance creation.Its life.I am happy He has been good to me.Nice to see you writing on something different.hug
A rather thought provoking piece Redex. Thanks for sharing. cool
wow Ladybee thankyou for complimenthug
Paloma you deserve the good things now but you have ticked of life and nature so so correct.hug teddybear
thankyou celticpoet for reading me and commentteddybear
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