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Lullaby Lady

Lullaby Lady,
Do you not know,
That all about you,
Is a wonderful show.
Try all the candies,
and play all the games,
so that when you look back,
you shall never exclaim,
that life was unfair,
or people un-nice,
for regret is the worst.
Don't pay that price.
Enjoy your pain,
Reap in your joy.
The silver lining,
is not a ploy.
Life is a game,
That has one ending.
Be like a tree,
strong and unbending.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
This is actually a song I wrote for guitar.
Not sure if I like it though

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Comments (3)

what are songs? poems with music. beautiful. ive done the same. 'i wont your love' is a song i put on this site as a poem. i write first then put the music and melody to it after. changes all the time to fit. it works for me. loved it. would like to hear the song.
For songs you need a 'hook' maybe that's all is missing for a song version?dunno
I 'perved' your profile, sorry - please giggle I see you teach sword fighting, I just thought oh cool because my son learned and taught fencing in UCC! same but different I guess laugh
As a poem this works, Yet I felt there was a conclusion missing at the end? Nice work

thumbs up wave
I agree with ladybee..there's a lacking in the end or something missing that's feels a vacant .
Nice throughout though.teddybear
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