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Too many of my Sisters are winding up dead
because they allow smooth-talking brothers
to mess with their head!
Why should another Sisters, full of promise,
have to die because a man lied about his s*xual
preference to shield his male pride?
On an endless quest for love and affection,
My Sisters are neglecting themselves when they
don’t insist on using protection.
What many consider just a “casual date” often turns
deadly due to poor judgment and careless mistakes.
 They say “you shouldn’t hate the playa, instead
you should hate the game,” To me, a person
who treats love and sex as a sport
is cruel and inhumane.
Why would anyone play a game based on treachery and deceit
where the playground is a dark world that encourages
people to lie and cheat? Is the winner the one who manages to escape the grip of
death or the one who remains true to the game until he takes his last breath?
You can’t expect a relationship to thrive without honesty and trust.
We’re no better than animals when we throw caution to the wind
 to feast on self-indulgence and lust.
Whether you’re a  wife, a girlfriend or somebody’s “boo,”
Don’t place your welfare in the hands of a man when
that responsibility belongs to You.
My life is too precious, therefore, I choose to abstain,
rather than offer my body as a pawn
in such a sick and foolish game!
You may want a brother to romance and surprise
you with gifts fit for a queen. But he may surprise you
 with an all-expense-paid trip to the
 free clinic with an STD.
Some Sisters need to stop convincing themselves
that AIDS is no big deal. It’s too late when death
knocks at your door to admit
this disease is for real!
My Sisters, the consequences of your life are
determined by the choices you make.
Don’t be captured by a dangerous
game that places both your life
and health at stake!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
Keep ur mind on the positive side

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Comments (2)

Hey Gabking...this is an awesome write. It's a responsibility that lies in the hands of both parties. For those who plays the game, it does not take a minute to done a raincoat; but nothing beats abstinence until at least one knows the other person very well. Thanks for this very timely reminder...sad flower
You got me thinking sister ! We ,men (not me) are Beasts!
We devour savagely our feast ! devil
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