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Mama Me Me A

The words jostle and shove inside my head.....Each night as i lay in my bed......Choose ME i am the best word ever said.....NO NO choose heart because i rule your head.....The words continue and get more bold......STOP i scream but they will not be told.....Right wrong good bad happy and sad.....Choosing the right word is really hard...Jostle and shove i will never get to sleep....And its no use counting sheep.....Mad and crazy keep pushing to the front...But just as they reach new words give them a shunt....ME ME ME is the top word of today....Me before you i am the first to play....Me is the most greedy word of all.....ME ME ME ME I NEED IT ALL.......jw
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Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
the greed of man

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Is it greed? or is it just ambition? Me, is the centre of my world when I say it and the centre of your world when you say it. I like the way S.Freud divides it up into the id, ego and super ego and we all have it in us.
(I've been thinking about 'that' question, and the answer is irrelevant to most poets, they write not for praise, adoration, money or to be noticed, not because they want to but because they need to and as long as you enjoy the process each new poem is the best.)

Cool write Tiswas

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Hi, tiswas1945,
It was nice to see The words jostle and shove inside my head..... and out into Poet's Corner. While Me is a good and important word, ME ME ME ME I NEED IT AL may be just a tad over the top. Enjoyed your write.
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