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Tree Of Life

I find myself hanging
here for dear life as
i try to climb this
tree of life only to
find the tree is so
I must put an anchor
into pulling myself
up to the next cycle
of life.
To look out and see
all that i could
accomplish if i would
just focus and take
one step at a time
until all my dreams
are met and i have
reached the finally
limb to free my dreams
into existence.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
Gain Goals

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Comments (2)

Neat idea. I haven't climbed a tree in a long time, probably since I was 12. I have to say I have found myself lazy as of late, resting on one of the lower branches, but if I climb up higher I could fall, and that would hurt, a lot!rolling on the floor laughing teddybear
macradlof thanks for the comment. You are so true trees are hard to climb.banana
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