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Run lady run,
Run for your life,
They're chasing you,
With spears and knives.

I saw you through,
The pain you endure,
Silently; too proud to show.

Educated are you,
Rational left you,
Emotions caught you,
For the sake of two.

Woman of culture,
Society is pain,
What others think matter,
You feel shame.

You hung on to a marriage,
That you knew wouldn't survive,
But tried so hard to keep it,
To be a good wife.

He was not worth it,
The world knew,
But . . .
You gave him chances,
He threw.

Now you're standing on the ledge,
Leap no,
Stay no,
Sleep no,
Rest no,
Work no,
There is nothing left, Oh No!

Family in ruin,
Friends in vain,
Children in longing,
Wishing you came.

No freedom art thou,
Conceal thy face,
Lest anyone lurk around,
Would recognize thy pace.

Run lady, run lady,
Flee for your life,
For someone's sin,
You sacrifice!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2009
About this poem:
This poem is about my colleague who is now a fugitive. She has two toddlers. Her worthless husband who is too lazy to work had forged her signature and taken many loans from individuals. He had fled as he is unable to pay and left his wife as a ransom for his blood suckers.

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Just to keep you guys posted, my colleague is lucky that she has got some good friends who sympathise with her but all of us are in fear to help her as we may also be the target of those blood suckers and gangsters. Women, be weary as you may know not what your husbands do!
Mercy, Thank you for sharing this with us. Very good poem! I enjoyed it, I felt it too. I never realised such a thing could happen. It is a shame. They say, you never really know a person? You are so kind to think of her and I'm sure you do all you can to help her also. I will be praying for both of you. God Bless. Peace and Angel Hugs!
Dear Courage,
Thank you for the motivation to write. Yes, this lady is a lesson to all of us. We never know what is in store for us but the greatest fear in our life to wake up one day and be told that we have nothing in our hands and we have got to run. Imagine, her children toddlers are now being searched by the gangsters so that they can sell those kids and recover part of the debt? And where is the man who is responsible to have brought these kids into this world? HE HAS DISAPPEARED! AND HE CALLS HIMSELF A MANNNNNNNNNNN!doh
It struck me hard when I read your poem cos I had given myself Runaway as a user name. Truly I felt like the poem was written for me and suddenly it dragged me to the past for a while. I've Runaway for good and hope other who might be going through similar situation would help themselves to run free. Thank you for posting it.
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