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I know it's wrong but I must have you

Big blue eyes that stare at me
from a face framed with golden hair
alabaster cheeks and ruby red lips
so delicately you sit upon your chair

I know it's wrong to want you so
for to another you belong
but I cannot help what I feel
to want you I am weak, not strong

So one quick look all around
no matter what I must possess you
pick you up and off I run
Mermaid Barbie, to you i will be true
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
It's been a while since I posted anything. Been too busy but still like to come here and read all the great poetry.

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Comments (3)

I understand your pain, your angst, I'm feeling your emotional trauma coming through laugh laugh

thumbs up Nice one Moongirl

teddybear purple heart
Reminds me of the movie Splash. I like the speech John Candy gives to Tom Hanks, "Yeah, let's take a good look at what you got! You were happy, some people will never be happy, I'm not happy!"dance
I always liked barbies..couldn't get my head around playing with dudes...Fun writedrinking
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on Aug 2012
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