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Attempting and Epically Failing

Amidst the longing for a warm embrace,
From somewhere beyond you keep me company.
Holding on to you like my saving grace,
The force pulling you to me drives me to insanity.

Never have I known I was capable of this
Reluctance and fear that constantly grow
But with sheer brilliance and bliss
Spark a new bubbly and radiant glow.

Painting my life ever so green
Your hands entwined with mine
As we walk the path we've been
Creating a mood so sublime.

But all this has to end
For hallucinating does me no good
Rules and principles that I would bend
Emotions left cluttered and so brood.

Yes, dreaming is nothing but false hope
Yet, despite the unimpressive strife,
Amok and distress beyond scope
It keeps me on to survive this life.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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