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In The Dead Of Night

In the dark of night when werewolves howl
And vampires lust for blood
There you'll find me hunting around
Your soul will be mine to keep

Werewolves will rip flesh from you
And gnaw upon your bones
First you'll scream as claws rip
But death will quickly follow

Vampires will find you in dead of night
And your blood slowly savour
As the blood drains from you
Down you drop, to rest in eternal slumber

But me my Dear, you need to fear
For I will not touch your body
You will scream throughout the night
And all the days threafter

I will tear you apart from inside out
Yet I will never touch you
Your brains will burn and burst apart
And the screams will linger forever

They'll shake their heads
And say "She is mad."
But they don't know what we know
That I'm your secret Demon lover
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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Comments (4)

Passionate and thought provoking indeed! :)

This could very well pass for a Halloween work. :)thumbs up wine
Thank you ReaderOfSouls

Like supernatural ,sam and dean wincester ! Nice
Thank you morgen90210

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