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A Broken Ladder

Cautiously I walk night hours on mean street
Pitbull stretched on chains waiting to attack
Courthouse stands behind reinforced concrete
Reminders of life we want to take back

Sirens erupt and shatter peaceful night
Screeching tires lay down rubber's foolish grin
An old lady pulls down her shades in fright
Lonely souls wait for darkness to begin

Loud are idle youth that travel in packs
Pretend to be brave and laughing out loud
Carelessly roaming and crossing wrong tracks
A fight breaks out inside a huddled crowd

Ends to vulgarity is violence
When jobless youth are loosing innocence
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
In this sonnet reflects a commentary of our times
when society sows seeds for destruction by a collective failure of its leadership to allow ways for "all its members" to climb up the social-economic ladder.

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Comments (6)

It's an observation being made across many nations and with all of man's brain power no-one seems to have an answer Yankee. I admire the way you have wrapped the point you are making into a 'proper' poem, that must have been a challenge.

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
Your vivid description of the ills of todays society succintly portrays what is most familiar within our culture and political system.I reckon that days of past was much better which i'm sure to many of stories you could tell,a powerful writewine M.M
Yes you have hit the nail on the head. The world has gone crazyteddybear
I agree too, of how you where able to paint your thoughts into a sonnet..captured very well with the concerns of today's youth..sadly becoming more & more common..

It almost has an errie vampire feel to bouquet
What a package Yankee4u.....great job.....kathydancing teddybear
Hi, Yankee4you,
Humanity has made progress in so many ways; and, yet, innocence does seem lost, as witnessed by the starkly honest eyes of the poet's sonnet. Cautiously I walk night hours on mean street replacing a healthy Main Street is clear evidence that we are dealing with A Broken Ladder.
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