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Once Upon A Sleepless Night,,,
I Took A Walk With The Moon,
Out Under The Trees And The Milky Way,
And As We Walked,,,We Sang A Tune,
Until The Night,,,Faded Into Day,
Once Upon A Sleepless Night,
I Met A Woman,So dark,
So Beautiful,And Yet So Far Away,
And I Began,To Wish And Dream,
That I Could Be There,,,
  Once Upon A Cloudless Day,
I Took A Walk,In The Warm Sunshine,
And I Told The Sun,
Of This Newfound Friend,Of Mine,
And The Sun Promised Me,On That Day,
That He Would Always,Light My Way,
 Once Upon A Sleepless Night,
I Took A Walk,Under Cloudy Skies,
The Moon And Stars,All Hidden From Sight, And I Told The Clouds,Of This Friend Of Mine, And Then,It Began To Rain,Or Was It,
Just The Clouds,Crying For My Pain,
  Once Upon A Sleepless Night,
Her Thoughts,Came To Me,
On The Beams,Of The Pale Moonlight,
So Far And Away,From This Place
Where I Dream,That I Wish,,,I Could Be
And One Day. Her Face,I Long To See
Once,Upon A Sleepless Night.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
Loving hundred wrong person may not even affect ur life, hating one right person will leave ?you broken heated throughout ur life..

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