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Yankee's Challenge

I am challenging each and every member on this Poet's Corner to write a poem in any style you so desire to express an answer to this simple question...."If you were a flower what kind of flower would you be and why?" :)))) Deadline is Sunday!! Have a great weekend my friends!!
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Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
A Challange

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Comments (8)

I like this idea very much! I'm in. dancing
Nice idea.. I'm in too..may miss the deadline as away soon till late sundaywine
Yakee my dear I would love to rise to this challenge but at the moment so busy no poetic inspiration,just pop in now and then to read and post a few comments.Maybe I will after the 2nd of September.teddybear
Sorry for the error.....Yankee
I will have a go Yankee, I've no idea what flower I am so I'm off to the United States of Google to find out!laugh thumbs up
I will have a go Yankee, I've no idea what flower I am:

I found two quizzes and checked them out,
This one is very funny and is part of a really good gardener's blog

This one was on a magazine site, not as personal but probably more accurate? pretty good

teddybear teddybear
super typing idea having a goteddybear
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