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Paul Ryan

He's so handsome
He's so fit
He's as good looking as Sarah Palin
but he doesn't wear designer glasses
He comes from Wisconsin
Janesville to be exact
He has a wife and three children
He's a good speaker
He wants to cut the budget
Take away social security
So they say
His running mate is Mitt Romney
He looks like an evil man riding a horse
He has shipped jobs away
He has money in Swiss Bank accounts
Like Sarah
Part of me wants to like him
But he is a Republican
Like Reagan and the Bushes
Not like Lincoln at all
I can't vote for him
I couldn't vote for Walker either
But you gotta admit
He's a good speaker
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
This whole election has me troubled. Last time I was all happy to vote for Barack Hussain Obama. Now it's like in 1992, but no Ross Perot to be found.

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I am so in line withyour thinking when it comes to iur pathetic political position today

It's a pity because we are a strong nation of great possibilities but it looks like we are left of mediocre choices


I follow Americas polititons too and it seems all over the world our leaders shame usmoping moping moping
By the way your poem was good too teddybear
Uh oh, you are treading on the US politics and the liars trying to win election into the White House. Romney is a liar and knows how to buck the system. Can you imagine! He has only paid 14% in taxes for the past 20 years. That sucks.
Windyweatherly, now that you live in Australia, are the politics way better there? Thanks for your comment.applause
Redex, thanks for your comment. I am ashamed of our leaders, but more ashamed by the people who's apathy have created this mess.
SundaySilence, thanks for your comment. 14% is awefully low when compared with what we pay. If you look at the national debts history, there was a huge spike upward after they passed the income tax in 1913. teddybear
I enjoyed your poem Mcradloff thumbs up
Though I admit I don't tend to follow the american politics..interesting wine bouquet
LadyMorgana60, thanks for the comment. I enjoy watching clip of the House of Commons. The Congress and Senate are like going to a Catholic mass, very quiet and very boring. The House of Commons is like going to a Baptist church, very loud and the people talk back at the speaker. I think your way is a lot more fun.teddybear
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