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Yankees Challenge (My Answer)

The flower I'd be would be a Rose
I could then write sweet smelling prose

There's always the chance I'd be a Passion Flower
You'd come pick me, we could sit in the bower

What if I grew up to be a Broom
In spring I'd be covered, yellow I'd bloom

Would you love me more if I was a Crocus
Could wave magic wand, on me you'd focus

Then again what if I was a Iris
Would you be of me desirous

All summer long I could bloom as Morning Glory
Would the end be different to this story

So many different colours if I was a Tulip
Sit and admire me while you sip a mint julep

I could if you like be a Lily-of-the-Valley
Would I then finally be right up your alley

Sadly I realise that I am who I am, just me
I'm not a pretty flower just the mighty Oak Tree
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
Rose: Roses are climbing or bushy perennials with thorny stems and varying shapes and colours of flowers.

Passion Flower: These robust, tropical vines produce large, showy flowers and even fruit.

Broom: Broom is a fast-growing shrub with an open, arching habit. It is covered with yellow flowers in spring.

Crocus: This spring-blooming bulb pokes its head up long before other plants appear. The flowers come in a variety of colors and resemble small, delicate tulips.

Iris: Iris grow from tubers and bloom in early-to-mid spring before most perennials appear.

Morning Glory: This annual vine grows quickly, providing instant color on fences, arbors or mailboxes.

Tulip: A large display of spring-blooming tulips makes a stunning and welcome statement when most other plants are dormant. Tulips come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Lily-of-the-Valley: The fragrant, white bell-like flowers of this plant are often included in wedding bouquets, but it is also used as a ground cover.

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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Comments (18)

And the oak outlasts them all... very nice multihorticultural... drinking
Nice array of flowers you have chosen and perhaps they are blooming at the base of the mighty oak. Enjoyed your poem. grin
Amazing write Steve,liked it a lot.thumbs up bouquet
Steve this is brilliant loved it and of course-------I am a tree huggergrin so that sealed itpeace yay
Aha! So wise you are idea
I think you are right Steve you're more like a tree than a bunch of little green petals with a pretty flower on top! laugh
Perhaps the description of flower suits the ladies better dunno

Clever poem Steve
thumbs up purple heart purple heart rose
Ah i think this one might just be a catch Steveprofessor I love the combination of flowers,well done my friend and thanks for the meanings thats a pluscheers cool M.M
Yankee4youonline today!

A excellent analogy writtenhere. I enjoyed it very much!! However, I hope you have not somehow overlooked the great oak tree flowers every spring. Strangely enough they have no petals but a structure that resemble a long bushy tail. These are called "catkins"...A little research into the word catkin comes from the Dutch 'katteken', meaning "kitten", on account of the resemblance to a kitten's tail. Interesting choice!! professor cool
Typical man you want to be an oak snooty I have lots of oaks in my yard and they shed their leaves in winter leaving a big mess for me to clean boxing But it's ok in summer they provide a nice shade hug I enjoyed your write teddybear
Thanks madtat29

Sadly I realise that I am who I am, just me
I'm not a pretty flower just the mighty Oak Tree

The mighty oak my favourite tree...Yes! Steve...You are more like a tree than a delicate flower. Very nice poem.thumbs up purple heart
Stevetis is a mighty nice write. This is a definate exmple of your style. I do not think men ever consider themself as delicate as a flower.teddybear peace yay yay
orientalkoruonline today!
The mighty Oak Tree under which all the beautiful flowers blooms! Beautiful poem, enjoyable read. Thanks Stevebouquet wine
applause applause applause an oak trees are good to relax in their shade on a summer's day. Kathy
Good choice and enjoyed your poem Steve thumbs up your added note was also informative and enjoyed...thanks for sharing wine
Thank you CloudySky ... it would be nice to think of all those flowers blooming at the base of the oak

Thank you paloma66

Thank you Redex ... I will be standing there patiently waiting to be hugged by you

Yes Ladybee42 it is a bit hard to imagine myself as a dainty little flower

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