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An Angel came my way

I met someone sincere
An Angel

which made me reflect

As his smile came my way

I remember envying him

and the fact that he was

having a happy day.

His kindness was refreshing

genuine and true

I wonder? Maybe for one day

I should try to be more like you

Well I set my plan in motion

I smiled and said Hello!

I continued on in conversation

hoping that I had the same glow

By the end I was worn and weary

what a heavy task

I appreciate you even more

for in my patience and strength

I discovered many flaws.

So I am writing this little poem

As I sit in awe

To tell you that I miss

The Angel

who passed through my door.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
I believe in Angels

but they dont come from up above

Angels are your friends

your friends that you love

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