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Yankee's Challenge

I look into the garden and what do I see
A beautiful array of flowers all smiling at me
Always a work in progress so worth while
The sweet smell makes me want to smile

My favorite flower of all you do ask
So hard to choose what a task
So I will simply tell the truth the way I see
So lean close where I can whisper it to thee

The kind that makes all feel at home
A smell that makes your problems gone
Still depending on seasons but always on the rise
Come here this is where my flour lies

Here in the kitchen is the flour of my heart
Bringing happiness as lips touch a tart
Soothing soups it can make
Hot fresh bread I will bake

If your ever kneading a lift in life
Smell cakes baking to rid the strife
Gravy covering breaded meats
Oh I love my flour it is just so sweet

I strive to be like the flour of the homes domain
To fill the people whose lives I see in pain
With comfort and love and warmth to all
Flower to flour each has its own call
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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Comments (10)

banana cheering applause peace yay kiss
Just a little weed amongst the flowers has grown so tall with love.
Please take that as the unexpected tops the lotteddybear
ah doh maybe I worded it wrong I loved the twist in your poem and liked it best of allteddybear teddybear
Wow....I never though how the ground up flowers of wheat transformed into something else wcould qualify uner my rules.....but it most certainly does meet all the criteria....for grass stalks do have flowering heads that become red and white berries or grain....and from this we make wheat or bake with....but more than that you have taken this so many steps beyond that....very transforming....unique and entry!!! Makes me kind of hungry sitting here on this Sunday morning.......before breakfast...hmmmmm....dancing dancing
Very cool idea Happy, home is always something we want to be warm and welcoming and I see how flour would create what you do. hug
You didn't take the quiz did you? laugh
snooty see if I care
easter basket <-- this to me looks like an iced bun, a very lovely thing to make using 'flour power' thumbs up

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
What an original submission for the challenge... A fine write, Happy...


Bill gift beer
Very nice Happy! Might I say what a wonderful imagination you have!teddybear
This is a beautiful write

Here in the kitchen is the flour of my heart
Bringing happiness as lips touch a tart
Soothing soups it can make
Hot fresh bread I will bake

I had a little tear in my eyes reading this...Reminded me of Grans home cooking...Ahhhhh the smell of her bread was divine. Superb poem Happy. applause purple heart
A fine imagery and write,i enjoyed this one thanksbouquet hug M.M
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Thank you Redex for your lovely comment. I understood the first time. teddybear

Hmmm are you saying I am pushing it to the limit Yankee. I really could only think of that. It was early here too. Breakfast time. cool grin

No Ms Bee I did not take the quiz. I had already written this and I did not want to find out that I might be the infamous cannabis flower. smoking giggle

Thank you so much Fellsman bouquet

Thank you Lucy and yes I have always had plenty of imagination. Sometimes it has gotten me in trouble. Some times other people have no imaginationblues

Thank you Mr Oak {steve}wave

Thank you Odette. I have always thought of cooking as an art form. Now no one to cook for. sigh

Thank you Poetnumber1 sometimes I really do feel like a weed amongst some of you. This place does have some really talented writers here. professor
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