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Heart, Soul, Blood, Sweat & Tears

Toot! A kettle blowing heartfelt steam
Boiling too long an unmentionable dream
Trapped inside for manic fear of creeping
Sadness is starving on just hidden weeping
And the silence of a heart full of lines
Beating its way through a web of verbal mines

Blind to your beauties and my devoted lyric
You read my gift as tirades - outré, satiric
Only ever written to portray the uncouth
Lies that scare you yet so does truth
That when spoken makes you run away in fear
Of my chant as pleasant as thunder to your ear

Choking on swallowed words making memory cancer
Searching for a cure bears no solid answer
To the quest for the voice of love and the notion
Of an apology for feeling the wrong emotion
Sowing the seed of the killing thought
That this battle of minds in vain is fought

No longer will last a man of words
In silence than flying fish in air or birds
Diving in the sea, yet hush would not make amends
For misread petitions to be lovers or friends
A pity you won't teach me if I thus misunderstand
Romance, the unspoken language of this foreign land.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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hmmm I like thunder, I also like your poetry here and I've a feeling that you've written more than this. I'm curious to see why your gift is seen as 'outre, and satiric. wave

thumbs up
This is very good. I have also been caught between lover and friend.
well said.
Thanks, guys!

I have written more, but a lot of my stuff is very personal and addressed to somebody, so most of it is unpublished.
Being between friendship and love is bad but no knowing where one stands is even worse ...
beautiful haunting piece It took me a long time to share my poetry for the same reasons they were personal my life at a glance I still read poems I have written when 16 and be back in that moment of depression/Anger/hatred when I wrote it. I no longer hate or regret as I am who I am today from all I have learnt. Today I am amazing and all who have tried to take that from me have failed because everyday I shine more and more. I am a ray of light which can not be contained. You have inspired me to share my very first piece.
that is beautifully heartbreaking. very nice!!
Yes until the two meet it is hard but sometimes they just miss the centre point. Sad poem but enjoyable read dare I saythumbs up
Fabulous writing Chaptain
applause I look forward very much to more of your bouquet
It touch the soul ,that it does! Nice and thanks for sharing
An awesome piece...poetry is expression of the soul...don't hide it...but I respect your reasons...bouquet peace
Cheers guys!

Peneloperose, I'm glad to hear you've found that kind of inspiration. To me that's what poetry's all about ... if even one person reads it and gets something out of it, it's well worth the effort. It took me a while to share my poems, but after all it's a case of take it or leave it. The only ones I won't upload or publish are those written to or about other people at a very personal level, just wouldn't be fair on them.
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