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Teacher of mine

Felt the touch
of thy tender hand
Love him so deeply...
He was the first to see me
for what I really am.

But when confronted
denied all part
-What's this love you speak of,
you crazy child...-

People told me
-Forget him,
he's just a p*dophile-

But I did too
play my part...
Long lost innocence
never to get back.
Sweet teacher of mine,
how do I forget about you know?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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orientalkoruonline today!
It should be easy if you can picture yourself as the Golden Jubilee Diamond or even smaller than the Cullinan 2 and you ask someone you trusted to look after it and make sure it is safe. Then your trusted person instead of keeping it safe - took it out, used it, damaged it and eventually lost it. How you'd you feel? Would you still trust that person? Would you even want to care or think of this person? Just remember that you are way more precious than these diamonds and that teacher is not worth a dime...he has no right to be called a teacher in fact. Welcome to CS-PC, hope to read more from you handshake teddybear bouquet comfort
Hi, GreenBoots,
Though feelings were experienced by the one who Felt the touch, certainly, there is no love to be found in -What's this love you speak of, you crazy child...-. Thank you for sharing this poignant write. Welcome to Poet's Corner.
Thank you 'orientalkoru' from New Zealand,
and 'gnj4u' from USA for your kind words
they're deeply appreciated!
At a young age our emotions are so scattered yet and although you may have played your part, it sounds as if he took advantage. You have phrased the feelings of sadness here quite well. Welcome to poets corner. wave
Hiya greenboots,welcome to the Club..membership is paid by sharing yr words and feelings in poetic fashion !
Free perks include commenting on other poems ..and sending what off...
Then there's the annual Country folk dance with can-can one leg high kick moves! If u have a pole even better!
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