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True Feelings

A friendship is all I currently have
But that is not what I feel inside
My true emotions I cannot show
I feel that I've so much to hide

I want so much to tell you
Such strong feelings I hold in my heart
I know this emotion is love
And slowly it’s tearing me apart

The distance in miles is rough
And it keeps us physically away
But I don’t know how long I can go
With the feelings I’m holding at bay

We shared so much together
In the short time that we had as two
My heart was left when we departed
And now I just don’t know what to do

I have so much I’d like to say
But my fears hold me from sharing
I’d like to say “I Love You”
But my mind just isn’t so daring
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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Comments (15)

I feel that...touched a chord even...nice cloudsky..nice
This is no doubt a heartfelt write Cloudy,i enjoyed this one Cloudyvery happy happy place cool bouquet M.M
Heartfelt...but really, voice your feelings, rather than leave it until its too late......great sincere write....Kathyteddybear
You were like telling my life with your words and its killing me! sorry for the ad lib.
Like Kathy said, got to open up for you never know what might be in his heart...and if that's not the case, you'll still have your friendship, there's nothing to lose teddybear bouquet heart wings
hug maybe if it was a really huge urge you would overcome it?
nice poem Cloudysky

purple heart purple heart
really very touching words,what u said is a big question for most of lovers,thanks really for share
Heartfelt words...sending it to him would be a beautiful act.
A lovely touching poem Cloudy ..
its better to speak than to keep silent..hard to do I know.. but at least you will know.bouquet hug
Tell and lose him completely or just hide and wait till the world end...
If not for the distance ..i'll say look into his eyes ,you can tell ...but faraway is not that easy's a gamble you have to play with your hand.
Good luck and best wishes .
Such a lovely poem, do you suppose he feels the same way ? studecar
I hope that you are doing better. I know this kind of pain and understand. Thank you for sharing this write. Be Blessed. bouquet angel
teddybear sigh teddybear
I feel that I will never fell in love again like this. thnx 4 the poem
A lovely poem CloudySky...sometimes fear is hard to overcome.hug
Very nice a true reflection of love and emotions;
It remind s me a beautiful song when two soul friends parted away, one goes to abroad;;;;;;;;;
The last stanza is really superb and wonderful.
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