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PURE ? ?

For everyone thought
you were so pure
your name name said
it was true.
Yet that was not the
way with you.
Revenge has set in
and that is the sin.
The love you could
not have had made
you go so bad.
For now your goal was
to get back at the
one who made your
life that way.
The one who caused
every horrible day.
For now you need
to be the way you
were not changed
by her.
You need to go back
to the pure angelic
being which is you.
I know this is true.
It is still within
Y O U .
Search inside for
your true feelings
can not hide.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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Comments (4)

There is a deep meaning to these words Adjhe, if you let someone get you all angry inside, full of negative emotions etc. Then you let them change you for the worst.

Nicely written

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
Ladybee this was my friend and her feelins i put them on paper. Thanks for the comment.dancing cheering banana head banger wave
It's human nature to retaliate to take takes a daily relationship with God to be able to totally give that feeling away...beautiful write adjhe...and I hope your friend has made peace with here pure angelic self...teddybear bouquet
oriental i sure hope so to but i think it is still on her mind. Thanks for the comment.applause cool wave
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