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the truth

an original song by p. bruns. written in 2008, and recored in a little studio outside san angelo texas. on the c.d. titled 'simple'. thanks for reading.

I'm up late again.
feels like the sun went down 20 years ago.
it's like I'm waiting for someone.
I'm waiting for someone that I don't know.

I haven't met you yet, and I can't wait...

a sleepless night again
and the t.v. spews out noise - chaotic.
it's like I'm lookin for something
when I find it again I'll know I got it

I haven't found it yet, and I can't wait...

We'll go on and on. the world will fade.
time will pass, I'll serenade.
the flowers will bloom before our eyes
we'll daydream under moonlit skies.
on and on, and we'll have fun.
you'll be my girl, I'l tell everyone
someday we'll look back and see
the truth about the world
the truth about .... you and me.

I'm shaving the last 2 verses off. artistic lisence. :)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
this was written for 'that girl' ya know. obvious. it kinda goes with the bottle of wine that my sis-in-law gave to me 7 years ago. 'save this for 'that girl' she said. I still have it. :)

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I wonder when that someday will come, seven years is a long time. I guess wine lasts a long time. I prefer pop, it only lasts for about six months before going bad. Good luck finds your woman to share a moonlit night with.applause cheers
hahaha... that made me laugh. thanks! lemme say - the optimistic days are really nice. the sun shines, the birds sing. and all is well.
Wait for no one--trail blaze and carve you're own niche. cheers
definately! the love I have for the world and all the things I do is in no way diminished by the fact that there is nobody to share with. not to say it wouldn't be fun but yeah - we must do what we love and let the rest take care of itself. it took me a while to learn that.
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