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A letter of an eclipse

To my Beautful Soul

From your Broken Angel.

Helo Precious heart,

I found you lost and alone
wandering never wanting a home
"Brave you are" I say!
you reply "Happy to be this way"

Then why? I ask Am I here? if everything is as you say
Why do you keep me here? if you are indeed ok
Why do you cling to me? I wonder if you know

I feel my time is only short I must heal you or go!

You invite me to stay awhile
entice me with your smiles.
A longing I feel inside
You remind me of some PLACE
A Place to hide.
Happy and safe - never to leave
In your loveliness I get to BREATHE
a haven where I can melt away
The walls I built crashed this day
here I can make time stand still
and let the world pass us by
All I need is to look into your loving eyes

Why did you show me a place like this?
Its a place I'm not sure I can exist
It confuses me I thought you said you wished to be free
yet somehow you've managed to be entrapped by me
always torn between having to go and wanting to stay
Always trying to figure out a way.
Where the sun and the moon can exist in the same time
Compelled to be both travelling along different lines
both forces uncontrollably pulling away
There rarely exists a night in a day

I wonder is this the same destiny of yearning I must follow
never knowing about tomorrow
a fear in me tells me to end it this day
but desire compells me to stay
In my thoughts I hear a voice
calling you will be lost

Compelled to stay despite the cost.......

Beautiful soul who compells me here
its not your love but mine that I fear.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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Comments (4)

Excellent poem Peneloperose ..
it's always fear that builds those walls..yet its love & trust that will break them down..
Thankyou for sharing..great lines & enjoyedwine applause
You certainly are a talented writer,this is an excellent example of this.Well donehandshake wine M.M
Yankee4youonline now!
Something good write......Go Penelope!! beer beer
deep and full of the inner you,
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