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Carpe Diem Soulgoddess Challenge..

A New Day Dawning..
Author: QuietStormF
A New Day Dawning

My heart did flipflops in the predawn light
Filled with such a sense of calm
I knew not from whence it came
Sunlight danced majestically upon the placid lake
Stirring in me feelings I had long ago buried
Neath the rubble in my mind
As I sat transfixed, slowly sipping coffee from a steaming mug
I lazily drank in the sounds of a new day dawning
Slowly awakening from it's twilight slumber
I could not move , did not want to move
From this new place where I was bathed in such serenity
Had it really been here all the while?
As I pondered this thought, I heard a rustling in the wind
Calling to me , heeding me to seize this day
For it will never come again .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
Wh en I saw this challenge.. I tried but could not come up with one better than the one I have written before...

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Comments (4)

Wow!...great to see you has been a long time hey...I enjoyed the read, hope all is well your side....well written Lee...xxxcool
You could not have bettered it, it transfixed me into the momentpeace yay
Hi QuietStorm..wave
Loved this Carpe Diem Poem.. Redex has said..Tranxfixed :)
thanks for sharing wine bouquet
heart wings heart wings heart wings
It's always best to write from the heart and soul ;)
A friend told me that!
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