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sorry i disappeared
enabling what you feared

but don't worry baby
i still love you... maybe?

i took a left turn
and watched your heart burn

in the middle of nowhere
oh my sweet girl for you i care
i lost my connection completely

hiding you in shadows.. kiss me discreetly

i'm going for a walk
i'll be right back

i love you so much
but still her scent lingers
i kiss your face
her taste on your fingers

i scream and i yell
what do you have to tell?
you fight every word
my battle unheard

i know you kiss her
and i know you miss her

but my heart aches
and my heart breaks

what do i do
when the one i love fakes?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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I think you should terminate the relationship if theres no doubt about it that you're being played,thanks for sharing your lovely poem Shimmeringwine
I say leave and be on your way so many new out there to be loved for you.
You've got to love yourself first darling...when you do, you won't be giving away your love to this one...who is not deserving of it! You'll find the right person eventually, the one who will cherish and respect you. You know what to do...have faith!handshake teddybear
im not in this situation....(and glad that im not lol)
it was just something i wrote:)
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