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when your ready

Don't let it fool you
From the outside looking in
Those walls are made of hardness
An painted with a grin
So much to hide an maybe not
Its never really a sin
Your way to say not today
I hold the key to let you in
It maybe the distance of time
Thats procured your reasoning
Or just a lonely soul
Who doesn't know where to begin
Relationships broken
An thrown in the bin
Childhood dilemma's
Embracing a sin
There is always more that meets the eye
How you personify is at your whim
So you walk your way an i'll walk mine
An i'll acknowlege your painted grin
An when your ready to expose yourself
I'll listen with ear an kin
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
the history of peoples lives that make them who they are........never judge a book by its cover i spose .......

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An interesting piece, it gives a lot of food for thought. I was talking to a friend last night about how people's faces look after about 45yrs or so as the muscles they most often use tend to dictate which wrinkles form the deepest. The most obvious are the laughter lines, those little wrinkles to the sides of the mouth and the eyes. I hope mine run deep when I am old and grey. But there are people whose faces display frown, worry, and scowling types of wrinkles showing a less happy life. So I guess I'm saying to some degree you can judge a book by it's cover - unless the person is younger and/or deceitful to themselves as well as everyone else. The only person you can ever 100% know in life though is yourself, and some people don't even know that.

purple heart purple heart
Seven years ago while trying to find my courage to leave my marriage, I met a lady who met my ex and came to knew the story. She told me "Kathy just remember, when you are ready, when the right time comes; you will do the right thing". help
Those walls are built to keep the outside from seeing who, how or what's inside. I personally know someone who was the life of the party; smiles and laughs a lot; one day we heard he took his own life. We had no idea how he was suffering inside dunno Right now everyone around me thinks I'm strong because I have weathered a lot in life; if only they knew about the little girl inside who's very scared and at times feels lonely and lost. Thank you Nu...I can see myself in your poem. Ladybee is right in general we can tell a grumpy person when we see one...and at times there are exemptions like the guy I mentioned.bouquet dancing
Thanks Ladybee for the comments..............It does get down how well you do know the people around you an even yourself ..........appreciate the comments ...regards n61grin cool
Hey OK..........Thanks for sharing a part of your life with me if you had never opened up i would never have known.......Thats one wall down an maybe several to go...........walls to me are like fences ...there built for reason an purpose an understanderbly so .....but how can i see the beauty of the flowers that lay hidden behind the fence ??????? spose i have to go through the gate like everyone else..........maybe that gate is locked hmmmmmmm .......................appreciate your comments regards n61 hug grin cool
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