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Cheers Prince Harry

It ia a good thing you were shown with a dame
When to the world was exposed your shame
Had you been shown with a man
From our ranks, you we would have to ban
The world was shown you in your birthday suit
So we hope you did not forget your boot
We hope if you took her to bed
That you did not forget to cover your head
The world they would have see your private
Good thing you used your hands to cover it
For some that you in friendship embraced
Would rather see you disgraced
we respect that you participated in the game
Seeing we would have done the same
Big up to you playing like a man
The royals may you ban
Therefore I propose this plan
We ask our government to name you an honorary Jamaican
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
watched tv last night and some idle thoughts came to my head this am

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Comments (3)

Thumps up to you Poetthumbs up
Thank you for the laugh...enjoyed that!

Way to go Prince Harry head banger banana dancing yay
Thanks Orientalkoru
I did smile myself when the thoughs came to me so I said to myself work on them and share.
Dear Prince Harry
Please pay us another visit in Jamaica. We cannot allow our children anymore to watch Sesame Street. We would prefer our children learn from your example rather than from Elmo's.
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