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Calling All poets on PC/CS dance floor !

Come on dance baby,
Let's me show you what I mean, Turn up the music,
Let me take your hand ,maria,
Come on weave your sexy magic,
Dance and shake your body for me!
Keep it simple baby,
No fancy foot steps,
Angry neighbours banging on my door,
Volume to max blasting my heart's content!
What is going on ,paula?
You are dancing like a zombie!
Let me show you my dancing move..
DJ spin my hottest dance song!
Beating heartbeat insync with thumping drums!
Move ,babies ,let's show how it's done!
Oh yeah ! Iron fists and rocking
Sway like a leaf ,to and fro ,
Move that body guys and feel the heat,
Getting dam hot and fast,
I cant keep it up! No stamina to follow the beat,
I'm done ,i'm finished !
The music still playing ,
But i'm just not in it.
The next best thing to do,
Just step by step slow robo..
Not like some monkey on high!
Give a pause ,a nod ,and begin,
Dance ,move like fire on your pants!
Pick up some funky rhythm, Come on,here we go again ...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
Try my soul felt hand in this ,let's party!

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Comments (5)

banana dance danceline gotta go elephant shimmy cartwheel pointing joy
Lool. am i invited? cheering yay

Lorii drinking applause
head banger Let me show you my dancing move.. dancing

This is what we all need.
Be happy!!!

Come on, here we go againyay applause cheering heart wings
Cool moves you got going there Morgen my friend cool
Keep them coming..Luv a good Party! yea! danceline cartwheel elephant buddies
Cheer's wine grin
Danesh, I'm just recovering from a party last night where we danced all night and my granny legs/thighs now need a rest. But I've never been to a dance with poets forget the tired legs...just tell the dress code and the address conversing applause banana head banger cheering cheers hug grin yay
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