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Venus de Milo.

Time shall not mar nor warring deface,
that which heaven's hand, divinely sought
out of darkness, to timeless wrought
a scultured loveliness mortal eyes embrace,
soft, the moulded carved caring style,
uncanny dressed, with mystique power intence,
a shadowless love unknown to humane guile,
to ullume each exuberant day so fair,
embodies infancy of care, wordless kind,
that we, with spring's sunshine would compare,
avenues of secret warmth, edifying find
immortality, carved in marble rare

whence floats from beauty's never changing face,
love, like autmnal leave's full coloured grace.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
We pen beauty in our own exclusive way, this my way.

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Comments (4)

Such elegance in beauty you've painted,i enjoyed this sonnet Reguinywine M.M
...your way is an awesome way is such a pleasure and privilege to read from a poem of your calibre...thank you for sharingteddybear
Thank you Requiny, your sonnet of the statue "Venus de Milo" is smooth as the marble she was caved from..
I believe this lovely statue to be the work of Alexandros of Antioch ?

This is what makes our p/corner wonderful.. many different written style's .. and each one of us unique in individual manner & ways :) we all learn form each other.. thanks for your posting
wine handshake
sorry there Phil...I meant...from a poet of your calibre...doh
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