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Catch me if you can
I've given up my plan

I've never seen a trace
Of your lovely face
How can I miss your tender kiss?
Why would I find our arms entwined?

Tired of running through fantasies
Chasing a phantom of mind
A heart turned into stone broken
Leaving a trail of gravel behind

I've never felt your touch
That I now miss so much
What makes me remember that bitter November?
When in the cold my hands you'd hold?

Lame and weary of searching
Rescuing a long lost dream
A soul burnt to ashes wasted
Swallowing a silent scream

Catch me if you can
I've given up my plan
Just pick up the pieces
On one of your caprices
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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Comments (7)

maybe in giving up looking at crumbling stones one will see the diamond thats shines.. Thats my just way of thinking..dunno

Enjoyed your "Untitled" poem very much Chaptain with thanks wine
I think we all tend to feel this way when we give our all and not be reciprocated or never find the right match. Surely it's easy to just give up the plan. I'll chase no more or I'll search no more a decision I made sometime in the recent past. Beautiful flow or words...a poem that shows strength of character "catch me if you can"...thumbs up
Hmm Morgana ... makes me think of those precious stones that look totally unspectacular from the outside and sparkle when cut open. Glad you both enjoyed it!
"Lame and weary of searching"
Know these feelings well,lovely write Chaptain teddybear
I agree Chaptain :) to many look at the outside..and not what's inside.. we all have that diamond within ..
The beautiful geode (when a stone is broken open) and its inner is called Druzy .. & now used in making of jewellery.
A geode has many wonderful properties often used for protection & said to aid spiritual growth. Yet just to look upon & enjoy is wonderful.
bouquet wine
Just great stuff Chaptain, I'm really enjoying your poetry here

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
Geode, cool stuff, as Ladybee would say that's one for googlenation!
Thanks Ladybee, glad you like it, at least I'm giving something back for really enjoying yours bouquet
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