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My Idea.

You act like you know everything.
Like your decisions and chocies are correct and you feel like your views should render me.

Here I sit self aware and open to the fact I don't know the reason for everything,
but there you sit seemed to have it wraped up all pretty.

The way you express yourself is just past weird,
but hey who am I to tell you this, I'd be telling you another thing you would ...shrug off, possibly get at you and at the back of your mind fear.

There you are on your throne while I'm caught here in the undertow,
feels like forever and it seems I'm at my all time low.

But just sit there and wait I'll make a loud clean erupt escape and show you you're not super and rip off your cape.

Do my words make sense to you?
Cause if not karma will show you what I mean
For that takes time years, decades, centuries.

You push your personalized faith down my throat,
I'm okay and fine the way iI am I don't need to hop on your boat.

I explore my spirit and sould like some explore parts of the world.

Once you're married to an ideaology you're on a road and no matter where it takes you you're stuck on that road.
For i'd like to believe I have a birds eye view on these roads.
But hey who am I keep sitting there all beautiful on your throne
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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