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Its that time of year
An the nor'westers blow
An the southerly swells
Straighten to an easterly glow
An caress the banks
Of a perfect left
An bring a joy
To those who beset
South rock juts up
With a proud face
Respect is honest
There's no disgrace
Timing has to be
So astute
No need for arrogance
Nor be cute
Amidst the sand an shell by way
Early memories they do sway
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
Have an unbelievable amount of amazing memories of this place .....

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Comments (2)

orientalkoruonline today!
Its a beautiful feeling to go back to a place that holds fond memories of yesteryears. Thanks for sharing Nuteddybear bouquet
It embraces my very existence................thanks for the lovely words OK.................very much appreciated ....regards n61hug grin cool
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