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To a Feeling

Gazing into the endless sky with awe
Too confused to write or to draw
Thousands of thoughts under false pretense
Powerfully real yet not making sense

Sitting on the grass feeling the river flow
Watching my fading ink slowly go
Letter by letter wilting on the page
Slip of the tongue on a theatre stage

Textbook romance, predictable and cheesy
Lines which only make us feel uneasy
Words can't describe the pleasant shudder
Of what's being felt from one heart to another

A heart full of meaning is deafened and mute
A hopeless serenader bereft of his lute
Blood boiling bubbles with bottled-up verve
Are we to be silent when language doesn't serve?

Hoping a fly-by bee can inspire
A soul run dry on passion and desire
Wasted power from a fountain of love
A well of dreams burnt out by the sun above

Staring at the blank piece of paper in my hand
Full of empty words - will you understand?
The numbing turmoil, emotional violence -
Will you listen to the sound of silence?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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Comments (7)

Chaptain...I sat with you on the river bank, senses the atmosphere...well written..... Kathyapplause
Thanks! Enjoyed your company wink
orientalkoruonline today!
I was across the river...watching you guys...listening to the sound of silence angel2 Beautiful poem indeed!applause
That was brilliant, Phil.
Chaptain, my Chaptain! wave (sorry couldn't resist!)
How cool, this is my top so far of yours, lovely flow, imagery and rhythm - did you ever write lyrics, play an instrument? So cool sir yes sir!

laugh thumbs up thumbs up purple heart
My Lady, to bee or not to bee ... well okay, yours was better tongue
Thanks, you have me sussed out! Unfortunately I don't play an instrument, but I have written lyrics I would like to put some music to. Only with my understanding of sheet music, chords and harmony that could take decades ... I'm hoping to find somebody who can tune into my stuff (pun intended) and get some music going.
I really love this piece and the interesting images whizzing through my mind as I read it. NICE write. Blessed holidays to you and yours. I so enjoy your work. Celticgift
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