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Just Another Night In The City

Oh how I loathe THAT fashion
The one where pants are at half mast
Could signify death of style
Or maybe just sense so shocking

Dirty boxers, skid marks showing
Wear with pride like badge of honour
Smell it slowly creeps upon you
Then it hits with mighty force

Let's not forget our Darling Ladies
Bosoms straining, trying to burst free
Bra size three times too little
Round them up, squeeze them in

Mountains of flesh they're displaying
A real feast for the eyes
Please don't breathe a bit too heavy
Out they'll pop and roam around

Micro mini on dear old Granny
Mutton dressed as spring lamb
Husband home eating dinner
While out she is with the girls

Paint the town all the colours
Put their wares on display
Act like once again eighteen
Leave their cares way behind

Man cruising through some alleys
Looking for some loving there
Find some girls their beat walking
For right money all's on sale

Money paid, deal is struck
Tonight he's found some loving
His passion rises while she lays cold
For her, long gone the feelings

Gang is gathering, talking trouble
This is our turf, let them come
We are ready, we are mighty
Tonight we'll show them who is tops

Bike chains clanking, knives glistening
Baseball bats and clubs with spikes
Together they come, one mighty rumble
On the ground wounded children cry

He stalks his prey with great precision
Mother, daughter, sister, wife
To him none of this matters
To satisfy lust is all that counts

Drags her behind an empty dumpster
Knocks her down and has his way
It's not so much the sex that counts
Feels power coursing through his veins

Down the club the girls are drinking
I.D. was fake to entrance gain
Fifteen and sixteen are their ages
Much too young to be in there

Alcohol they drink so freely
The night blurs, the room spins
Out they stagger to night's embrace
One's found dead the next day

On his body a leather harness
Round his neck a collar with chain
Dragged around at Master's whim
No resistance, born to serve

Forced to knees to service Master
Others cheering or hurling abuse
One after another he has to service
No longer does he have a choice

The lust for blood is deep within
Once more it comes to forefront
Tonight he is going to find another
A message there his knife would leave

Young and pretty, drunk she was
His knife in moonlight dancing
Split her open from throat to groin
And watched her life departing

Slowly the night gives way to dawn
And madness retreats to shelter
There it will wait throughout the day
For night will aid it better

The deeper sway night holds
The more the madness rules
Only thing to break it's hold
The Light it needs to shine
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
The deeper we go into the night the more disturbing things become

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Comments (7)

Hi Steve this reminds me somewhat of street life back home here,really disturbing better not venture in to deepp.Excellent writethumbs up tip hat M.M
" Just another night in the City"
Paints powerful truthful images sadly in many cities across our world today..
I am thankful to live in a much quieter smaller city in sleepy Norfolk.. not many of the older generation go out to get drunk here... yet more & more youngsters drinking heavily getting into very bad states & causing strife at night-tme in some areas :(
Thanks for sharing bouquet
Steve his is such a good write thank you for sharing. I am actually from New York. I really get this poem.applause applause
You've spelled it out quite well Steve. Yet it seems the whole world is just a night in the city and we've all walked those streets in one way or another..professor thumbs up thumbs up
Thank you Mustapha ... better watch those streets at night

Thank you LadyMorgana60 ... I too am glad that I don't live in a big city

thank you

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