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This man can be so gentle, loving and forgiving. If you're on his side then walk with pride, he'll make your life worth living.

Turn on him and he will grin and slowly start to change, into the bear who doesn't care so then stay out of range.

He will attack from front or back, this is a bear to fear. If you like your life and want no strife I advise you don't go near.

His speed is quick, his fur is slick, he'll attack you when he can. He'll hunt you down and come around, he doesn't need a plan.

Please don't let him catch you, he'll go straight for your neck. He'll put his paws around it and soon have you on the deck.

His claws come out, no time to shout, it's time to shake and shiver. He'll dig claws in and start to grin as he tears out your liver.

He can attack from front or back so always look around, because you may not see or hear him until you hit the ground.

So all I'll say is if you're in his way then be careful to think twice. Beware the bear that doesn't care and be with the man that's nice.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
Is sort of about me but it goes a lot over the top coz I am aint really a scarey person. Everybody calls me bear so I wrote it. It is from my book, Good Times and Bad, A mix of poetry from my life.

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We'll remember to be with the man that's nice Logan...handshake Welcome to CS-PC, I enjoyed reading your Bear/Mancheers
thank you :)
Hi, Logan2007,
This man can be so gentle, loving and forgiving... Now, what happened to him? Much better than the bear that doesn't care, no doubt. Thanks for sharing your Bear/Man write.
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